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Quantum Technology Challenge 2023

Event date
29 August 2023, 8:00am - 30 August 2023, 8:00pm
Perth Convention Centre, WA

Army is calling on leading quantum-thinkers to showcase how quantum technologies can solve some of Army’s biggest challenges and provide unprecedented capabilities.

What is Army’s Quantum Technology Challenge?

The Army Quantum Technology Roadmap outlines Army’s aim to build sovereign capability and leverage Australian research to gain and retain an early quantum advantage.

As part of this journey, Army is challenging Australian industry and academia to identify the most disruptive applications of quantum technology.

Army’s Quantum Technology Challenge (QTC) is a series of technology challenges that sees world-leading quantum scientists and engineers competing to show how quantum technologies can solve important Army problems and deliver unprecedented capabilities.

QTC is hosted by The Robotic and Autonomous Systems Implementation & Coordination Office (RICO) and is part of the Army Exposition Series at the annual Chief of Army Symposium (CAS). CAS provides a forum for industry and Defence to exchange information, share ideas, build trust, and develop Australian-sourced technologies.


QTC 2023 Challenge Statement

In this Challenge, Defence wishes to test:

  • how quantum computers may be disrupted in order to assess their vulnerability and understand how they may be protected
  • if networking quantum sensors via quantum communications can enhance their use in subterranean sensing and imaging, and the locating of electromagnetic emitters
  • if quantum sensors can enhance the monitoring of complex land systems for better failure avoidance, compliance and performance.

Who can participate?

Submissions are open to Australian permanent residents or citizens only, who must hold an ABN.

Why get involved?

Challenge teams will have the opportunity to meet like-minded quantum thinkers, build networks and develop skills. Teams will have the opportunity to pitch their solutions during the two-day event for an opportunity to submit a proposal to further develop their solution.

The solutions pitched by QTC teams will help Army assess the advantages offered by quantum-technologies and will frame future opportunities to develop their technology.

Last year, 10 teams participated in Army’s Quantum Technology Challenge, with two teams securing a spot in Army PitchFest.

The Details

28 February

Calls for Submission open

4 April

Calls for Submissions close

29 – 30 August

Quantum Technology Challenge

Call for submission