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Uzi Rubin


Mr. Rubin was founder and first director (1991-1999) of the Israel Missile Defense Organization in the Israel Ministry of Defense, which developed, produced and deployed the country’s first national defence shield – the Arrow missile. He subsequently served as Senior Director for Proliferation and Technology in the National Security Council (1999-2001), and directed several defence programs at the Israel Aerospace Industries and in the defence ministry. He was twice awarded the Israel Defense Prize (1996 and 2003). He was also awarded the US Missile Defense Agency “David Israel” Prize (2000). He has been a visiting scholar at the Stanford Center for International Security and Arms Control, where he directed a study on missile proliferation. He is currently completing a Ph.D. in this field. His recent publications include Iran Flexes Its Missile Muscles and Israel’s Air and Missile Defense During the 2014 Gaza War.

(Last updated: August 2018)


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Uzi Rubin

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