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Thomas X. Hammes


Thomas X. Hammes, Phd - Colonel, United States Marine Corps (Ret)

In his thirty years in the Marine Corps, T. X. Hammes served at all levels in the operating forces to include command an intelligence battalion, an infantry battalion and the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force. He participated in stabilisation operations in Somalia and Iraq as well as training insurgents in various places.

Hammes has a Masters in Historical Research and a Doctorate in Modern History from Oxford University. He is currently a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University.

He is the author of three books, 17 book chapters, and over 150 articles. He lectures extensively on the future of conflict, strategy, and insurgency in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


Colonel Thomas Hammes, United States Marine Corps, Retired


Thomas X. Hammes

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