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Russell Parkin


Major Russell Parkin is a RAEME officer who has served in a variety ofstaff and instructional postings, including the Army Logistic Training Centre and the Directorate of Army Research and Analysis. In 2000, he  attended the Army Command and Staff College, Fort Queenscliff, and on completion of the course was posted to the Land Warfare Studies Centre (LWSC), Duntroon, as a Research Fellow during 2001–02. Major Parkin holds a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education (1978), a Master of Defence Studies (1990) and a PhD (1998) from the University of New South Wales. He has published articles in the Proceedings of the Army History Conference, the New Zealand Army Journal, the RAAF Air Power Studies Centre Papers and the Australian War Memorial publication, Wartime. Major Parkin has represented the Army at international conferences in both Australia and overseas. His research interests include joint warfare, coalition warfare and political–military relations.

(Last updated: December 2002)


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Russell Parkin

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