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Robert C. Stevenson


Lieutenant Colonel Robert Stevenson was a Senior Military Research Fellow at the Land Warfare Studies Centre when this paper was written. He is a regular infantry officer and has served in variety of regimental, staff and training appointments. His overseas service includes duty in the Middle East as a United Nations Military Observer, as the Mechanised Adviser at the Malaysian Army Combat Training Centre and as Chief of Staff with the Peace Monitoring Group, Bougainville. He is currently the Deputy Director Contingency Planning and Strategic Wargaming.

Lieutenant Colonel Stevenson is a graduate of the Australian Army Command and Staff College, he holds a Master of Defence Studies (UNSW) and is currently finalising a Doctorate of Philosophy (UNSW). This paper is the second in a series of three that explores the phenomenon of military fratricide from a contemporary Australian perspective. The first paper was published by the Land Warfare Studies Centre in March 2006 and the third will follow in the coming months.

(Last updated: June 2006)