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Jason Logue


Lieutenant Colonel Jason Logue is a Military Public Affairs Officer assigned to Headquarters Joint Operations Command (HQJOC). Since completing Command and Staff College in 2009, he has been directly involved in planning and executing the ADF’s media embed program. Lieutenant Colonel Logue enlisted as a General Reserve soldier in October 1991. He transferred to the Regular Army in 1995 and served as an infantry junior NCO before accepting a position as a correspondent at the Army Newspaper Unit in late 1997. He served with INTERFET as a senior reporter during the initial months of Operation Stabilise. In January 2001 he was commissioned as a captain within the Australian Army Public Relations Service (AAPRS). Since commissioning, he has served in several operational and strategic headquarters as a Military Public Affairs O-cer and has deployed to Bougainville, East Timor, Iraq (Operation Catalyst and Operation Slate) and Afghanistan in combined information operations and military public affairs roles. He is currently the Staff O-cer for Information Operations within HQJOC’s Directorate of Joint Effects. Lieutenant Colonel Logue has a Bachelor of Arts from Central Queensland University and a Masters degree in Organisational Communication from Charles Sturt University.

(Last updated: June 2013)


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Jason Logue

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