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James Alexander


James Alexander has over 20 years’ experience in Security Management, Operational Security, Vulnerability Analyses, Training and Capability Development. He has extensive international experience from 10 years’ service in the Australian Special Forces (SASR) where he operated in austere environments across the South Pacific, SE Asia, Africa and the Middle East. James has delivered security management solutions and vulnerability analyses for the ADF, private organisations and the humanitarian sector.

Prior to transitioning from full time service in the ADF, James commissioned as an Officer in the Royal Australian Military Police (RACMP) where he served as a platoon commander and operations officer. James also heavily contributed to developing Defence capabilities through his involvement with Project Land159 and other Military Policing capabilities.

Most recently James has leveraged his operational planning experience to examine how 3D digital analysis technology can examine causal relationships nested within organisations, projects and operational capability ‘eco-systems’. 

In partnership with the CSIRO James has led the development of an innovative analytic software program to identify causal relationships across multiple operating systems and map and model them in 3D. This 3D diagnostic tool is designed to enable the identification and prioritisation of critical risks and vulnerabilities that have the capacity to disrupt and undermine key operating systems and capabilities


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Enhancing Resilience