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Dale Turnbull


Major Dale Morley-Turnbull enlisted into the Army Reserve in 1990 while studying at university, she graduated from the Regional Universities Regiment - Queensland in March 1993 as a Second Lieutenant, allocated to the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police and posted to the 25th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment as Assistant Adjutant.  

MAJ Morley-Turnbull has been posted to a variety of postings during her reserve service including Platoon Commander 14 MP Platoon, 1 Military Police Company, the Joint Movement Control Office, Brisbane, Command and Staff Wing at the 1st Training Group, New England University Company, Sydney University Regiment and the 4th Military Police Company.

Major Morley-Turnbull transferred to the Regular Army in January 2003, and was posted to Headquarters 5th Military Police Company (Special Investigations Branch) as the Operations Officer, where she was responsible for overseeing the allocation of investigations, personnel and resources for sensitive and serious investigations for Army across Australia and overseas.

In 2004, she was posted to the Defence Police Training Centre as Staff Officer, Trade Management (Royal Australian Corps of Military Police). In January 2006 was appointed Platoon Commander, 52nd Military Police Platoon - Special Investigations Branch. During this posting she played a pivotal part in raising the new Australian Defence Force Investigative Service, Joint Investigation Office which assumed command of the Navy, Army and Air Force investigative capability in the Eastern Region.

In 2008, Major Morley-Turnbull was promoted and appointed Officer Commanding, A Company 1st Military Police Battalion, Townsville. A Company was established in January 2008 and played a significant role in providing intimate Military Police support to the 3rd and 11th Brigades, including re-establishing Garrison Policing in the Townsville area.

In 2010 Major Morley-Turnbull was posted to Australian Defence Force Academy as the Senior Instructor – Leadership and Military Skills. In 2011, she took a sabbatical from the ARA, and was employed by Army Headquarters in Canberra as the Senior Investigator and Investigation Case Manager for the Asia Pacific Region for the recovery of soldiers listed as missing in action (MIA) – Pacific Region. She was responsible during this time for the investigation, recovery and identification of Australian MIA’s and training, equipping, inserting and leading teams of specialists in the field. During this period she remained an active reservist employed as a Senior Instructor in the Mobile Training Team at RMC.

She re-joined the ARA in January of 2014, as was employed by ADFIS HQ as the J8 Policy & SP Capability. In 2015 she was the acting J3 Deputy Director of Operations for ADFIS investigations both domestic and international. In 2017 she posted to the Australian Army Research Centre, where she was  seconded to the Chief of Army Land Forces Seminar 2018 project team.

She has undertaken tertiary studies at a number of institutions including Charles Stuart University and the University of Queensland.

She is currently posted  to the Office of the Inspector General Australian Defence Force


Title Date Published
Unseen Injuries
Volume 15, Number 2, Spring Edition