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Brenton Fry


Chaplain Brenton Fry enlisted in the ARA in 1982 and enjoyed a variety of postings as a soldier before entering into the Full-Time Study Scheme as a Chaplain after 20 years’ service. He entered Chaplaincy as a Married Deacon/Catholic Chaplain. One of his significant postings was to 6 RAR, helping to settle the battalion back from operations.  In 2013 he self-funded a trip to the USA to attend a seminar on ‘Soul Repair’ at Brite Divinity College, overseen by Rita Nakashima Brock and Larry Graham. On his next posting to 5 Avn Regt, he ran a pilot program called ‘Walking with Veterans’ passing on some of what he had learnt at Brite. He later completed graduate studies in Military Chaplaincy through the Denver-based Iliff School of Theology, studying subjects like Impact of War on Pastoral Care of Families, War: Moral and Pastoral Perspectives and Moral Stress, Resilience and Spiritual Integration, under the direction of Carrie Doehring. Chaplain Fry is currently posted to the Royal Military College of Duntroon. (Last updated: November 2018)


Title Date Published
Moral Injury and Sin – who repairs the soul?