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Adaptive Campaigning - Future Land Operating Concept

Adaptive Campaigning - Future Land Operating Concept (AC-FLOC), replaces Complex Warfighting 04 and Adaptive Campaigning 06 as a single, holistic document.  

It is Army's new capstone concept. 

By identifying and analysing the challenges of current and emerging operating environments, in conjunction with guidance from the Defence White Paper 2009 and the Adaptive Army initiative, AC-FLOC describes actions of an integrated Joint Land Force response, as part of the whole-of-government approach to the demands of Complex War. 

The first part titled 'The Challenge', outlines a vision of the future. The second part, titled 'The Response', outlines the Army's response to future conflict including a comprehensive description of how the future land force is to be modernised to undertake its directed and anticipated tasks. 

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