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Emotional intelligence attributes as capability: the experiences of military advisors in Train-Advise-Assist roles

Event date
20 February 2020, 3:00pm - 20 February 2020, 4:30pm
R1 Ngunnawal Theatrette, Russell Offices

This seminar event will present research on the attributes of military advisors which lead to success in Train Advise and Assist roles with foreign military forces. While the focus was predominantly on Australians deployed on operations in the Middle East, Vietnam veterans, allied security force advisors from the US and UK, Papua New Guinea Defence force personnel, and Afghan National Army personnel, were also interviewed. Advisors of all ranks from army private up to four-star General were consulted to obtain tactical as well as strategic level perspectives. The research focused on how interpersonal factors and emotional self-regulation can assist in building mentoring relationships or cause them to fail. This research will provide valuable recommendations for the optimal selection and training of personnel deployed in advisory roles. These results are equally relevant to other interpersonal relationship dynamics such as humanitarian or diplomatic roles.

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Army AARC Seminar

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