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Army Robotics Exposition (ARX) 2021

Event date
20 April 2021, 12:00am
Brisbane Exhibition Centre

Army is hosting the Army Robotics Exposition 2021 (ARX 2021) to facilitate observation and demonstration of Robotics Autonomous System (RAS) concepts and technologies. ARX 2021 will provide an opportunity for Defence personnel including Capability Manager Delegates to view available technologies and innovations which may be applied to the future operating environment.

The Army RAS Strategy identifies five fields that Army will benefit from in its core deployed task. These are:

  1. Maximising Soldier Performance; through lightening the load physically and cognitively
  2. Improving Decision Making; through AI, data analytics and networks to make better sense of and understand the situation in conflict
  3. Generating Mass and Scalable Effects; through human-machine teaming, swarming technologies and optionally crewing platforms
  4. Force Protection; through removing soldiers from some of the most dangerous battlefield tasks including C-IED and CBRNE tasks
  5. Efficiency; through improving logistics, maintenance and medical effects utilising AI, data analytics, autonomy and leader-follower technologies.

The ARX 2021 program will include: verbal presentations from the main stage, static displays and physical demonstrations of ground and air based robotic systems within a designated demonstration area.

ARX 2021 invitations have been extended to senior representatives from across technology and innovation groups within Defence; including Defence personnel, Defence contractors, invited guests and Defence invited media.

Interested in outcomes from ARX?  Contact us to be added to our distribution list.