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Army Robotics Expo 2023

Event date
29 August 2023, 8:00am - 30 August 2023, 8:00pm
Perth Convention Centre, WA

What is Army Robotics Expo?

Across all industries, the exploration and uptake of Artificial Intelligence and RAS technologies is accelerating. ARX represents an opportunity to explore the convergence of multidisciplinary technologies and break the barriers of civil and military, private and public spheres in pursuit of sovereign innovation.

The realisation of RAS will be underpinned by a number of emerging technologies including AI, quantum technologies, power and energy efficiency (both battery technology and hybrid), and building trust in autonomous systems, both physical and cyber. In embracing these technologies, Defence will fundamentally alter the way it organises, trains, prepares for, equips and ultimately fights in the future. Cultivating Australia’s growing Defence industry and identifying new applications of dual-use technology developed in civil sectors is critical to this transformation.

ARX 2023 Challenge Statement

The Department of Defence, via the Australian Army, is seeking interested parties to respond to this Call for Submissions (CFS) summarising their relevant RAS technology and its potential benefit to one or more of the five capability offsets identified in the Army RAS Strategy:

  1. Maximising Soldier Performance; through lightening the load physically and cognitively
  2. Improving Decision Making; through Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics and networks to make better sense of and understand the situation in conflict
  3. Generating Mass and Scalable Effects; through human-machine teaming, swarming technologies and optionally crewing platforms
  4. Force Protection; through removing soldiers from some of the most dangerous battlefield tasks including Counter Improvised Explosive Device and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Environment tasks
  5. Efficiency; through improving logistics, maintenance and medical effects utilising AI, data analytics, autonomy and leader-follower technologies.

Who can participate

Submissions are open to Australian Permanent Residents or Citizens only, and must hold an ABN.

Why get involved?

Successful applicants will be invited to exhibit and potentially demonstrate their technology (either physical or cyber) at the ARX2023 in Perth. Army will fund the display space and setting, participants are invited to provide their physical or cyber-physical system for display.

ARX provides developers access to the users of their technology, like-minded industry and academia to gain immediate feedback.

The Details

14 March

Calls for Submission open

7 May

Calls for Submissions close

29 – 30 August

Army Robotics Expo

Call for Submissions