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Army Quantum Technology Challenge 2022

Event date
11 August 2022, 8:00am - 11 August 2022, 5:00pm
Adelaide Convention Centre
Quantum Technology Challenge 2022 promo image

The Quantum Technology Challenge 2022 Demonstration Day will be held in conjunction with the Army Innovation Day and Chief of Army’s Symposium on 11 August at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The Challenge sees teams competing to show how quantum technologies can solve important Army problems and deliver unprecedented capabilities.

The Challenge themes are:

  • Locating electromagnetic emitters in the battlespace: Can quantum sensors detect, locate and identify electromagnetic emitters with greater precision, range and bandwidth, whilst reducing (or at least not increasing) detector size, weight and power?
  • Identifying threats and critical information in signals and images: Can quantum computers identify and classify features in signals and images more precisely and efficiently?
  • Securing our communications against quantum computers: Can post-quantum cryptography be practically employed to secure communications from the growing threat of quantum computers?

QTC 2022 Submissions closed on 22 November 2021

Event Contact

Robotic and Autonomous Systems Implementation Coordination Office