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Project Land 400

LAND 400 aims to enhance the mounted close combat capability of the Land Force by providing armoured fighting vehicles with improved firepower, protection, mobility and communication characteristics to enable tactical success in the contemporary and future operational environment.

Army’s core business is the conduct of sustained close combat. Only Army conducts this task in the ADF on behalf of Government. LAND 400 delivers part of that capability and is replacing some of the capability we already have – ASLAV and M113AS4 – in accordance with good military practice.

LAND 400 will deliver a Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV), an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), a Manoeuvre Support Vehicle (MSV) and an Integrated Training System (ITS).

LAND 400 will allow a staged retirement of the in-service Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) and the M113AS4 Armoured Personnel Carrier fleets in line with their technical Life of Type and reducing tactical utility in the contemporary operational environment that involves increasing levels of lethality and complexity.

The highest priority for Army is to replace the ASLAV fleet with a CRV due to obsolescence factors that constrain tactical employment and increase the cost of ownership. These obsolescence factors cannot be mitigated through upgrade and without replacement starting in 2020, a capability gap will result.

The time required to apply the mandated DCP timelines through to 2nd pass require 1st pass approval this year, before the release of the Defence White Paper if this capability gap is to be avoided.

The IFV will replace the M113AS4 beginning in 2025. The M113AS4 LOT is expected to last as long as 2030 but its 'fit for purpose' suitability is decaying given current and emerging threats. It is not expected to be deployable for anything other than low intensity/low risk missions beyond 2025.

Army welcomes debate on LAND 400 and other capability issues. Debate and independent thinking on Army and how it does its business is an important part of understanding what we provide for the Government of Australia and its people. Army is prepared to provide background information to ensure that facts used in the debate are accurate and represent the most up to date information available.

Last updated: 3 January 2020 - 1:52pm

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